Thursday, April 26, 2012


Rickets is caused mainly in the children of the age of two or four. This disease is caused by the deficiency of vitamin D. In the absence of vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus are not absorbed well in the body. Because of the absence of calcium, phosphorus etc. the growth of bone and teeth is obstructed. The bones become soft and weak. Unable to bear the weight of the body, the bones of the feet are crooked and bent. The following are visible symptoms of the disease rickets.

Symptoms of rickets
  • Bones of the legs seem crooked and bent.
  • The wrists and ankles are swollen and enlarged.
  • The physical growth of the children is very slow.
  • There is deformity in the ribs.
  • The head seems enlarged and flattened.
  • The stomach seems swollen and looks like pot-belly.
Preventive Measures
We must have a daily diet containing vitamin D. Foodstuff containing vitamin D are the yellow part of the eggs, oil of the fish, milk, butter etc. The children should be given foods containing calcium and phosphorus like green vegetables, liver, eggs etc.

Massaging the baby with the oil in the sum is a good system that is traditionally followed in our society. This is a good way of obtaining vitamin D from the rays of sun. On a sunny day, children should be allowed to play outside in the field. This helps to prevent the disease rickets. A baby suffering from rickets can easily be recognized. So, the baby should be immediately given the food containing vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus. Such food can prevent this disease.

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