Friday, March 30, 2012

Night Blindness

Night blindness is a disease of a person who cannot see well at early dawn and in the evening time. But during the day, the person suffering from this disease can see like other healthy people. This disease is caused by the deficiency of vitamin A in their daily diet. If a pregnant mother can not get food that contains vitamin A, her baby may suffer from night blindness. Mainly, children and pregnant women are suffered from this disease. Apart from it, if babies are not treated in time, they may become completely blind in their future.

Causes of Night Blindness
Vitamin A keeps retina healthy. There are two types of cells in retina, which are called rods and cons. Rods help to see at dim light and cons help to see at bright light. The capacity of vision depends upon the substances called Rhodopsin which is found in retina. Rhodopsin is obtained from vitamin D. The deficiency of vitamin A minimizes the vision power. Deficiency of vitamin A causes dryness in cornea and conjunctivitis of eyes.

Symptoms of Night Blindness
  • In dim light and in the evening, they can not see the objects well.
  • If the children have this disease, they cannot move here and there in the evening. They are found to be sitting inn one place.
  • They cannot see very well in the bright light.
  • Their eyes seem bright, rough and dried.
  • There appear small spots called Bitot's spot in the white part of the eyes.
Preventive measures of night Blindness
In order to prevent this disease, the babies should be saved from diseases like diarrhea, hookworms and measles. Children should be immunized. Proper hygiene should be maintained to prevent these diseases. Foods containing vitamin A like green vegetables, carrot, pumpkins, papaya, eggs, fish, meat, milk, ghee, mango, orange etc. should be taken which keep our eyes healthy. If there is a slight doubt about this disease we must consult physician.

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