Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Gonorrhea is called Sujak or Dhatu in Nepali. It affects genitals, urinary tract, rectum, cervix etc. its causative agent is gonococcus of neisser. This bacterium can easily dies in sunshine. It found in the pus coming from genitals.

Mode of transmission
  • Sexual intercourse with infected person
  • The contact with virus containing vaginal discharge

The symptoms of gonorrhea are not clear but they differ according to the structure of sexual organs infected organs. Its dangerous effect is cause infertility. Some common symptoms are as follows:
  • Painful, burning and frequent urination
  • Discharge of yellow puss from penis and vagina
  • Inflammation in urinary tract and genitals
  • Small reddish rashes appear around genitals
  • In women, abdominal pain in one or two sides, fever, nausea and irregularity of menstruation
  • In male, pus is collected in prostate gland
  • Eye infection and chancres in genitals in neonatal baby
  • Uneasiness in genitals due to swelling

Preventive measures
  • Adopt healthy and appropriate sexual behavior.
  • Discourage unsafe sexual behavior with others.
  • Mass awareness on reproductive and sexual health education
  • Discourage girls trafficking, prostitution and multiple sex
  • Both consult doctor if any one of the couple is infected
  • Use clothing and utensils after proper disinfection (washing)
  • Care to personal and genital hygiene
  • Should increase female education and employment to avoid prostitution
  • Immediately consult the doctor for treatment when you suspect

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