Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Modes of Transmission of HIV/ AIDS and prevention

Modes of Transmission
  • Unsafe sexual contact with HIV infected person
  • With infected blood transfusion
  • Use of skin-piercing injection, blade, etc. without sterilization
  • Mother to baby (during pregnancy, during delivery and during breastfeeding)

Preventive measures of HIV/ AIDS and other STIs
  • Sexual behaviors before matured age are unsafe. Sexual decisions in early age may not be appropriate. Sexual behaviors which are considered as safe may not be safe for the people in early age due to the lack of proper knowledge and skills. Therefore, we must avoid sexual intercourse in early age in order to prevent STIs.
  • Abstain yourself. If not possible, adopt safe sex
  • Between two or be mutually faithful for sexual intercourse. Avoid multiple sex partners because healthy looking persons might also be infected with STIs
  • Consistent use of condom as it also prevents pregnancy
  • Do not use unsterilized needles, blades, scissors etc
  • Blood transfusion should be done after proper test
  • Infected women must not give birth to a baby
  • We must increase mass awareness and discourage girls trafficking and prostitution. Similarly, we have to emphasis on female education and female employment in order to save from this fatal disease
  • We must adopt kind feeling and co-operation to STI victims for their treatment and care. Advise STI patients on the consistent use of condom and spermicides while they make sexual contact.

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