Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Syphilis is the oldest disease among sexually transmitted disease. It affects main organs of our body like heart, lever and brain. 'Treponema Pallidum' virus causes this disease. The virus can survive for longer period.

Mode of transmission:
  • Through unsafe sex with patients of syphilis.
  • With use of blood of its patient.
  • To the baby through infected mother by birth.
Symptoms of Syphilis
First Stage
  • A single typical chancre (wart) appears mainly in genital organ, lips, fingertip, tongue, breast or mouth. It appears 2-4 weeks after infection. The chancre does not ache or itch. And chancre itself disappears after 1 to 5 weeks.

Second Stage
  • Reddish and pale skin rashes appear.
  • Swelling in joints of bone.
  • Hair loss and weigh loss can be felt.
  • Patient suffers from common cold.

Third Stage
  • If not treated timely, following symptoms are seen.
  • Symptoms of heart problems
  • Eye problems and blindness
  • Patient become unconscious and mentally impaired

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